Yigal Amir
Yigal AmirFlash 90

An Israeli rapper and right-wing activist recently received a surprising phone call, Channel 13 reported.

According to the report, Yoav Eliasi, better known by his stage name “Hatzel” (The Shadow), was one of a number of public figures who recently received phone calls from Yigal Amir, the assassin of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, who is currently serving a life sentence for Rabin’s murder in 1995.

Amir reportedly called a number of public figures, including lawyers and Eliasi, who is known for his staunch right-wing views, to lay the groundwork for the formation of a new party dedicated to securing Amir’s release from prison.

Eliasi expressed surprise when he was called, and said that he was not interested in the venture.

“Within the Russian community,” Amir told Eliasi, “a movement has been established that wants to get me released. There’s about 600 people in it; retirees, academics, etc. Now, they want to establish a party that will run in the next elections, with the goal of getting me freed from prison. One of the goals is also to change the media in this country, which in Israel is totally controlled by the Left. Now, these people aren’t afraid of anything, and they’ve established [this movement] on the internet.”

“Excuse me, Yigal,” Eliasi said. “But I’m not getting into this. I don’t want to be involved in it, and I don’t even know if you really are or aren’t [Yigal Amir], I have no idea.”

After Amir gave Eliasi his wife’s phone number to confirm his identity, Eliasi said he simply was not interested.

“I don’t think that you’re the kind of person I’d like to have a conversation with.”

“Really?” responded Amir.

“Yes,” confirmed Eliasi.

Supporters of the jailed assassin recently formed the “Nura Deliba” party, with the goal of securing Amir’s release.

The Labor party, however, called on the Israel Central Elections Committee not to register Nura Deliba, saying the party’s goal of freeing a man who assassinated an Israeli prime minister effectively constituted support for criminal action.

Nura Deliba has thus far not been listed on the Central Elections Committee’s website of registered parties for the next election.