Space X on Tuesday launched the Israeli Amos-17 satellite on a Falcon-9 launch vehicle from Cape Canaveral in Florida.

The Amos-17 mission was supposed to launch Saturday, but the company decided to postpone it to perform more further checks.

Amos-17 is the most advanced high-throughput satellite to provide satellite communication services to Africa.

The Spacecom communications satellite company said the launch and subsequent separation of the satellite 33 minutes after launch were both successful, with no malfunctions reported.

The $250 million satellite is to remain in continuous contact with the ground station as it makes its way to its designated route.

The satellite is expected to arrive at its destination and complete all necessary checks within the next three weeks.

"The successful launch, the new technologies, the business potential, and the professional team which led the company all made Israel proud, and ensure the continuation and growth of the company," said Spacecom CEO David Pollack.