Bear (illustrative)
Bear (illustrative) Doron Horowitz/Flash 90

Sonia Chernigova, a 14-year-old girl from the village of Yodva in western Russia, just wanted to buy herself orange juice and chocolate.

She left her house and headed to the nearest grocery store. But this time the familiar road became a death trap.

The girl was attacked by a will bear which had entered the village. The bear hit her, tore her hair, bit her neck and shook her body. She died within minutes.

Chernigova's father said that he had trouble identifying his daughter's body because the bear had completely mutilated her.

The father said that his daughter announced she was going to the grocery store early in the evening. When she didn't return after two hours and didn't answer her phone, he went out to search for her.

He discovered a body on the side of the road but was afraid to approach it. "I refused to believe it was my daughter," he said in tears. "Her face was completely mutilated - I couldn't recognize her. I called her cellphone again and heard it ring below me. I realized the worst of all happened."

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