Amir Peretz, file
Amir Peretz, file Miriam Alster/Flash90

Labor Chairman MK Amir Peretz on Tuesday discussed the possibility that he would be asked to join a government led by Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahua after the elections.

"I'm not boycotting the Likud or Netanyahu, but as long as there's an indictment and suspicions, we will not negotiate with him," Peretz told 103 FM Radio.

He added that even if neither bloc wins 61 Knesset seats, there will be no need to hold new elections.

"I assume that there will be wars within the Likud and also within the Blue and White there will be very difficult shock waves," he said. "There will be a government even if the Likud falls apart."

Last month, Peretz declared that he "will not sit with Netanyahu if he is indicted," claiming that his party will aid "he elderly, the disabled, for young couples, for city dwellers and village dwellers, for residents of the peripheries and the working settlements, for residents of the Galilee Panhandle and Kiryat Shmona as well as for residents of the Gaza border area, Sderot, and the Negev."

Last week, Maariv analyst Ben Caspit told 103 FM that Peretz "took a huge gamble" and may well "go down in history as the person who forever buried the center-left's hope of returning to power."