Sheldon Adelson
Sheldon AdelsonReuters

Excerpts from a police investigation of the owner of the daily newspaper Israel Hayom, billionaire Sheldon Adelson, were revealed on Sunday on Channel 13 News.

During the investigation, Adelson spoke about Netanyahu's negotiations with Yedioth Ahronoth publisher Arnon (Noni) Moses on the possibility of reducing the circulation of Israel Hayom.

Adelson came to the police angry and hurt after hearing about Netanyahu's wish to reduce the distribution of Israel Hayom. Adelson told investigators about the key political figure whom Netanyahu asked him to hate.

"He always said there is ... and that's why he wanted me to hate.." He then turned to the investigator and asked: "Who is the woman in charge of Bennett's party?"

Investigator: "Ayelet Shaked"

Adelson: "Ayelet Shaked - she's who (Netanyahu) said I should hate - that she's the one who supports the proposal (Israel Hayom Law) [The Israel Hayom Law, which proposed charging an arbitrary minimum price on all newspapers, was regarded as an attempt to close down the pro-Netanyahu free daily Israel Hayom.]

But Adelson's anger at the investigation was not just about the prime minister. Adelson told investigators about Sarah Netanyahu whom he was also close to. His testimony pointed to, among other things, the deep involvement of family members in Israel Hayom, which Netanyahu denies.

Adelson: "Sara wanted Miri (Adelson's wife Miriam Adelson) to fire Amos (Regev, editor of Israel Hayom). "She hurled very not nice comments that maybe Miri (my wife) is having an affair with Amos and she doesn't want to fire him because of it. I remember this evening very well."

Investigation: "That's a very not-nice comment"

Adelson: "It was a very not-nice comment indeed. I intended to get up and go but Miri didn't want to."

Those close with Adelson say that since his testimony to the police in the Case 2000, his relationship with Netanyahu has not returned to normal. In August 2018, a ceremony took place at Ariel College, inaugurating the medical school named after the Adelsons, a ceremony to which Netanyahu was not invited. At the end of February this year, Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit decided to prosecute Netanyahu in Case 2000 for fraud and breach of trust.