Fire truck
Fire truckEliran Aharon

A fire broke out in the Great Synagogue in Petah Tikva on Friday evening, around the start of Shabbat.

Firefighters were called to the scene and were quickly able to put out the flames.

The incident ended with no injuries but the Holy Ark and Torah scrolls were damaged. Police said that an investigation has been launched and the suspicion of intentional arson is being looked into.

Petah Tikva Mayor Rami Greenberg, who arrived at the scene of the fire, wrote on his Facebook page, "I am at the Great Synagogue on Hovevei Zion Street due to the torching of the Holy Ark. Luckily, the Torah scrolls were not completely burned. The police are here to investigate the matter. We will work resolutely against those who try to harm the holy signs of Judaism."