Gaza's Iranian-funded Islamic Jihad terror organization has published a video documenting the development of rocket launchers which can fire rockets capable of reaching central and northern Israel.

On January 21, 2007, the group's Al-Quds Brigade announced that it was capable of launching rockets from the roofs of vehicles, via rocket launchers it had developed.

In 2011, Islamic Jihad used Grad rockets for the first time, a year later improving both their strength and distance capabilities. They also upgraded the rockets fired at Gaza border towns to include C8K rockets, and began using the in-ground rocket launchers which were used to fire rockets at Be'er Sheva.

In 2014, Islamic Jihad developed 107 rockets placed on rocket launchers hidden in the ground, and began using rocket launchers capable of firing 20 rockets at once from vehicles, as well as in-ground rocket launchers for the Burak rockets which were fired for the first time at the northern city of Netanya.

In May 2019, the terror organization presented new rocket launchers, with increased range.