Leah Neuberger
Leah NeubergerBy PR

Leah Neuberger grew up in a home where Jewish concepts such as Shabbat (Sabbath), kosher food, prayer shawls and phylacteries were completely unknown. In fact, she had never even met anyone who believed in God.

And yet, it bothered her greatly that there was no absolute truth or absolute morality. She wanted to be a good person and help bring peace to the world, but had no clarity on how to accomplish that.

By the age of 31, Leah and her husband had explored every religion they could find, yet nothing filled the empty vacuum in their souls. They had been active in every type of peace organization, yet they had not found peace.

Join Leah as she tells of Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis' lecture, which hit her like a lightning bolt and left her crying from the depths of her soul. She shares their journey in which they abruptly turned their backs on their secular upbringings, sacrificing material comforts in order to immerse themselves in a Torah lifestyle.

From Leah's very first Shabbat in her new home, she hosted guests. "How could we host guests when we know so little?" she had asked the Rebbetzin.

Now an internationally renowned speaker, Leah and her husband have written three books and countless articles, influencing thousands of people to reexamine their lives and teach what they know to others.