A 7-year-old boy in India complaining of jaw pain was examined by doctors who were astounded to discover no less than 526 teeth in his mouth.

The boy was admitted to a hospital in the southern city of Chennai due to swelling and pain in his lower right jaw. When the doctors performed a scan and x-ray of his mouth, they discovered a sac in his jaw filled with "abnormal teeth."

"When we did an X-ray, we found a sack full of 526 teeth in his lower jaw. There were teeth ranging from 0.1 millimeters to 15 millimeters. They looked like pearls in an oyster. Even the smallest piece had a crown, root and enamel coat indicating it was a tooth," Dr. Prathiba Ramani, head of the Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology at Saveetha Dental College and Hospital, said.

The doctors performed surgery on the boy to remove the sac. They then spent four to five hours to empty to sac and discover the hundreds of teeth.

The boy's parents told the doctors that they had noticed swelling from the time the boy was three but he refused to sit still for an examination. Recently, his condition worsened and he was suffering from severe pain, which brought them to the hospital.

The medical term for the sac of teeth is a "compound composite odontoma," which is a benign tumor comprised of dental tissue such as enamel, most commonly found in teenagers.

"This is a very rare condition called compound composite odontoma that causes the growth of many teeth in the jaw. The cause of this condition is not yet known but it may be due to a genetic problem or environmental factors such as increased radiation," Dr. Ramani said.

The boy was released from the hospital three days after the surgery and is expected to make a full recovery. “He may not have the two molars on his right lower jaw,” Dr. Ramani said. “But he can choose implants when he is 16 or 17 (years old).”

A similar case occurred in Mumbai in 2014 to a teenager, and doctors removed 232 from his mouth.