Footage of an anti-Semitic couple in the Catskills has gone viral, after the two launched into an expletive-laden anti-Jewish rant against a Jewish driver.

The incident occurred in the city of Monticello, in Sullivan County, New York recently, when the anti-Semitic couple accused 25-year-old Brooklyn musician Isaac Bernath of cutting them off on the road, in an apparent case of road rage.

“Go back to f***ing Brooklyn,” the husband said, while giving the middle finger to Bernath. “Right there, to all of you f***ing non-tax paying scumbags.”

If it were unclear that the couple’s rant was directed at Jews, the husband quickly removed any doubt.

“You’re pieces of s***, your whole f***ing religion.”

“You dirty, nasty people. You ruin the whole place.”

Behind him, the man’s wife repeated the words “Inbred, inbred.”

Bernath said such anti-Semitic incidents were common.

"This is a very common occurrence,” he told News 12. “I wasn't surprised, but I was glad I got it on video to expose it."

Gary Siepser of the Jewish Federation of Rockland condemned the incident as “mindless, stupid hate”.

"Particularly disturbing for members of the Jewish community. We know our history. We know what this sort of mindless, stupid hate can lead to.”