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The family of the toddler struggling for his life after nearly drowning in a Netivot pool is asking the public to pray for his recovery.

The condition of the toddler is still serious, he is still being respirated and has not yet woken up.

Toddler's name for prayer: Moshe Giladi ben Bat-el

To contribute to the joint Tehilim (Psalms) reading for the recovery of the toddler, click here.

Senior MDA Paramedic Adir Bitan, who responded to the incident, said, "When we arrived at the place, we saw a baby of about a year-and-a-half who had been submerged in a home pool. He was without pulse or breathing, and immediately we began giving him medical treatment and performing advanced resuscitation operations, including heart massage, respiration, and medication.

"After a long, nerve-racking moment, his pulse returned, we sedated him and evacuated him in an intensive care unit to the hospital, in critical and unstable condition," Bitan added.

Soroka hospital said after the incident that the toddler, who had arrived via MDA to the hospital, was treated in the pediatric emergency room and transferred to the pediatric intensive care unit, while his condition was very serious and he was sedated and respirated.