Yoram Cohen
Yoram CohenFlash 90

Former Shin Bet director Yoram Cohen responded to Wednesday evening's attack on the Gaza border, and warned that annexing Area C could lead to “needless bloodshed.”

"An Israeli response can bring about a round of hundreds of rockets,” Cohen told Galei Tzahal. “Our deterrence may have been hurt by the fact that we did not want to deteriorate into a major campaign or war."

Cohen also recalled the period of Operation Protective Edge, when he served as the Shin Bet commander, and took some of the blame for the operation's failures.

"We did not know in the summer of 2014 what the tunnel shaft exits on the Israeli side were and we did not properly assess the other party's intentions in terms of going to war."

He asserted that Israeli annexation of Area C in Judea and Samaria "could lead to needless bloodshed. We need to proceed with steps to reduce the occupation in Judea and Samaria: To improve the transportation, improve the employment, and also move areas from B [mixed Israeli and Palestinian Authority control -ed] to A [predominantly PA control]."