An IDF officer was moderately wounded and two fighters were lightly wounded in an exchange of fire with Arab terrorist who crossed the Gaza border fence and entered Israel.

The incident occurred overnight Wednesday, when IDF fighters identified a suspect approaching the fence.

After crossing the perimeter fence into Israeli territory, the terrorist opened fire at the fighters. The fighters located the terrorist and opened fire at him until he was eliminated. In addition, a Hamas post was attacked by an IDF tank.

During the incident, several roads were closed to traffic and additional reinforcements were sent to secure the surrounding communities. The IDF stressed that entire incident took place in the border area.

The wounded fighters were evacuated for medical treatment at a hospital. Their families have been informed.

The IDF Spokesperson's Unit said that the terrorist who crossed the Gaza border fence was armed with rifles and grenades and dressed in a Hamas uniform. However, it is believed that he acted independently.

Wednesday night's incident comes a day after the IDF completed a large-scale drill of its Southern Command to improve the military's readiness for war against terrorist organizations in Gaza.