Jewish Home party approves unity deal
Jewish Home party approves unity deal Yoni Kempinski

The Jewish Home party's central committee met Wednesday evening in Petah Tikvah and approved the union with the National Union and New Right parties ahead of the upcoming elections.

At the beginning of the discussion, Rabbi Haim Druckman delivered remarks, which repeatedly attracted comments from the audience.

"There will be no mistakes, Rabbi Rafi Peretz continues to lead religious Zionism. We are only connected in a technical bloc. After the elections we will be separate. You can shout here at the party's central committee, but the most difficult and important thing is to bring votes," Rabbi Druckman said.

Rabbi Druckman was interrupted during his address with questions about what the party would do after the elections when the New Right split from them. He replied: "Religious Zionism will fight for its positions. In the first ten places we have six representatives together with the National Union. What is the difference between us? There is no difference, we are religious Zionism."

Jewish Home party chief executive Nir Orbach added, "Three months ago we barely passed the threshold. It is true that there are many of us as well - including myself - who we thought in the previous round we could, together with the National Union, succeed."

"There are many who have a feeling that there has been injustice to what has happened in the past few days. But the public atmosphere is broadcasting something great. The public is crying out unity, demanding unity.

He noted that "this agreement has a good deal for us. We have six representatives in the top ten. The details will remain good. The colors of the campaign will be the colors of the Jewish Home. It was not easy for us to sign the agreement, but it is a good agreement."

credit: קובי ריכטר / TPS

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