Dafna Meir and husband
Dafna Meir and husbandCourtesy of the family

The Defense Ministry has refused a request by the family of the late Dafna Meir to transfer to them money seized from the family of the terrorist who murdered her.

The Meir family had made the demand after the terrorist failed to pay the NIS 1.75 million (about $458,500) fine imposed by the court during his sentencing for the 2016 murder.

Dafna's husband, Natan, criticized the Defense Ministry's decision.

"On the one hand, the terrorist's family must pay compensation to the families of the murdered. On the other hand, we know that the terrorist family will not pay because there is no way to collect the money from them," Meir wrote on Facebook Wednesday.

"On the third hand, the Palestinian Authority is not recognized as responsible for incitement and terrorism and compensation cannot be taken from it even though it pays the salaries of the families of terrorists!

"On the fourth hand, even when funds are confiscated from the terrorist's family, they say that there is no way to transfer to the victim's family! Does that make sense to you?" Meir concluded.