flowers in memory of Solomon Tekah
flowers in memory of Solomon Tekah Atalia Saffroni

Hundreds of young men and women gathered across the country to mark thirty days since the shooting death of Solomon Tekah, who was killed by an off-duty police officer in Haifa.

The gatherings were organized by the Sahi youth organization, a quarter of whom are of Ethiopian origin. Members of the organization across the country distributed flowers to passersby in memory of Tekah.

Among the main centers of activity are Jerusalem, Kiryat Gat, Safed, Lachish, Kiryat Malachi and more.

Avraham Hayon, CEO of the Sahi organization, said of the activities "After the painful events and difficult pictures of the past month, the youths of Sahi who believe in giving and seeing the other as a tool for improving the community, took to the streets, but this time to show solidarity and fight against hate. The teens distributed water, flowers and special bracelets at intersections and city centers to remind the entire public that we are all brothers here. "