Carmel Mauda
Carmel Mauda Flash 90

Parents of children who were exposed to abuse in a Rosh Ha'ayin daycare were contacted to provide payment for the service.

Motti Mauda, the father of 25-year-old Carmel Mauda, a daycare provider indicted for abusing children in her care, called at least two parents to request they pay for the daycare service.

Yossi Habara, whose daughter was abused by Mauda, spoke Wednesday with 103 FM Radio, explaining: "Yesterday, Motti Mauda, Carmel's father, audaciously called two of the parents to ask that they send in payment," adding that "he wanted checks."

"He understood what he had done only afterwards. This family doesn't think ahead of time. It's a plot that keeps rolling, as if it's from a movie. He wanted money for the abuse that our children experienced, and I'm not even talking about the future damage that she caused our children."

In the footage, Carmel's parents can be seen "walking in the daycare while the abuse was occurring."

"You see her mother and her father in the cameras, you can't mistake it," he emphasized.

However, Habara said that since he is considered a victim, he does not receive any information directly, and instead has to find it himself. "Last Saturday we received a transcription of Liraz's interrogation via the media. We have no idea what's happening. They call us in sometimes."

Liraz Natan worked as an assistant in Carmel's daycare, and is also suspected of abuse. There is footage of her "sitting on the stomach of a girl a year and a half old and slapping her."

Meanwhile, Habara is keeping his daughter home: "We have a 9-month-old and our daughter at home. We just can't send her, so she's with us at home, and we're seeing all the temper tantrums and regressions, it's not simple."