Mouse (Illustrative)
Mouse (Illustrative)Credit: Istock

A 30-year old woman was hospitalized on Friday in serious condition at Laniado Hospital in Netanya after contracting leptospirosis, according to a Kan News report.

Leptospirosis is a rare bacterial infection generally transmitted from rodents such as rats and mice.

The woman arrived at the hospital suffering from life-threatening conditions, including meningitis, kidney failure, jaundice and other symptoms.

Doctors suspected that she was suffering from leptospirosis and confirmed the diagnosis with laboratory tests. The doctors believe that the source of the infection was probably the secretions of mice and rats that were in her home. After lengthy treatment at the hospital, the woman's condition stabilized and she was released from the hospital on Tuesday.,

Ministry of Health data shows that since the beginning of the year, five people have suffered from the disease.

Those suffering from leptospirosis range from showing no symptoms to becoming seriously ill with life-threatening symptoms. Patients with the disease usually have symptoms similar to fever or flu, but in rare cases, the disease can cause meningitis and respiratory failure, and sometimes even death.