Danon addresses UN General Assembly
Danon addresses UN General Assembly Reuters

Danny Danon called on the international community to suspend funding provided to UNRWA Refugee Agency following the publication of a report that reveals a series of corruption offenses at its top levels.

"The report reveals alarming, but not surprising, findings," Danon said. "In addition to propagating false information about its refugee population, UNRWA has in recent years worked to redirect world funds to continue this corruption industry that has served its leadership."

"The international community, which generously finances UNRWA, must immediately suspend the budgets assigned to the agency. The aid money should be gradually transferred to the UNHCR (UN High Commissioner for Refugees), instead of helping the UNRWA leadership continue engaging in a series of ethical offenses."

Danon added that "UNRWA has removed itself from the values expected of an international organization, and should not be rewarded for its internal corruption."