Moshe Feiglin
Moshe FeiglinFlash90

Zehut Chairman Moshe Feiglin attacked Ayelet Shaked and the so-called “Unified Right,” and is confident that in the current situation, his party will be a central player and will succeed in the elections.

In an interview with Yinon Magal and Ron Kofman on 103 FM, he spoke of his disappointment over Shaked's decision to join the United Right instead of joining a “liberal” bloc of New Right and Zehut: “Netanyahu preferred this, Bennett preferred this, Netanyahu’s spokesman Riklin also explained this well, but Shaked is only interested in Shaked.”

“The situation created as far as Zehut is concerned is a great starting point because already in two serious Channel 13 polls we have passed the electoral threshold and now, without the competition of the disruptive factor called the New Right, the stars are aligning in our favor."

According to him, the Unified Right is a “Hardal” (ultra-religious) list: "This is a completely Hardal party - more Hardal than its source, the Jewish Home - which hides behind a graceful mask of Ayelet Shaked."

He said there are no negotiations between him and the Unified Right: "The moment Ayelet Shaked came in, they don’t want it. They didn’t start negotiations even though our hands have been extended to them for a month and a half, and they created a reality in which at present an alliance is impossible, because they closed all the places in a signed agreement."

"Ayelet Shaked, for her own reasons, jeopardizes the continuation of right-wing rule, and what is needed now is to mobilize for Zehut so that it will enter in a big way and bring all those votes back instead of them running away to Liberman and Gantz," Feiglin explained.