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Inter-continental lobbying and the stubborn will of a family member prevented the cremation of a Jewish woman's body in Florida and led to her burial in Israel.

The deceased, Frida Wiesel, passed away in Florida last week. In her will, she ordered her body to be treated by a company that burns corpses.

The deceased even paid the company an advance on the requested treatment. According to her family she did not know the severe halakhic prohibition against cremation. The family noted that she had also asked that her coffin be buried in the 'Holy Land,' apparently contradicting her desire to be cremated.

Her brother, from the haredi city of Elad, together with the ZAKA-Tel Aviv people, began working around the clock, using outside elements and people of her place of residence to prevent the burning of her body.

The body was already on its way to be burned. At the last moment, the cremation was prevented after her son, who lives next-door to her in Florida, was persuaded to join the effort with the promise that the ZAKA-Tel Aviv organization and his friends would raise the funds needed to fly her to Israel.

"It was at the very moment that the ambulance carrying her body was forced to make a u-turn and return it to guard until it was flown to Israel," said ZAKA-Tel Aviv.

In a cross-continent operation, the required amount was raised and the body landed before Shabbat on Friday at Ben Gurion Airport. Chief of Staff Yehiel Goldman and the head of the overseas burial Yehoshua Lev received the coffin for burial in a cemetery in Rehovot.

The ZAKA Tel Aviv organization took upon itself all of the treatment and the burial in Israel, including the issuance of a burial license, port taxes, transfer to the cemetery and stood beside the family, which did not hide its excitement at the support it received in its time of need, up until the burial of the deceased in Israel.

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