Bennett and Rabi Peretz
Bennett and Rabi Peretz Yossi Ipergan

The chairman of the Jewish Home Party, Rabbi Rafi Peretz, once again rejected the meeting scheduled for Sunday between him and former minister Naftali Bennett of the New Right party.

The New Right criticized Rabbi Peretz for cancelling the meeting. "This is not a way to conduct negotiations."

"It was agreed that deal had to be closed today in order to focus on other unions, and the feeling is that they do not want unity on the other side," they claimed.

The Education Minister's office responded: "Education Minister Rabbi Rafi Peretz is taking part today in the cabinet meeting. The meeting with former ministers Bennett and Shaked was scheduled for 7:30 PM tonight. The rest is just spin."

According to reports in recent days, most of the issues in the negotiations between the parties have already been agreed, and the only outstanding issues are who will receive the ninth and tenth spot on the joint list.