Horowitz, Shafir and Barak
Horowitz, Shafir and BarakCredit: Tomer Neuberg/Flash 90

The head of the Samaria Regional Council, Yossi Dagan, posted a picture of three left-wing politicians on his Facebook page who could potentially be appointed ministers in the next government, demanding that the right-wing parties unite in a technical bloc to prevent the rise of the left to power.

"The disagreements between the right-wing parties are small. There is no reason not to sign on a merger between the right-wing parties and end this saga. Look at the left and you'll see how to do it properly and quickly," Dagan said, calling on the right to learn from the merger between Ehud Barak and Meretz.

Dagan added that if there isn't one party to the right of the Likud, it's possible that one of the parties may fail to pass the threshold, which will lead to the left gaining power. "In a few months, we'll see Defense Minister Ehud Barak, Education Minister Nitzan Horowitz and Finance Minister Stav Shaffir in the Knesset," Dagan warned.

"After the New Right has conceded on its demand for 50-50 seats, there's not much left to argue about. So dear leaders - let's finalize this for the sake of settlement in the land of Israel and so that we won't find ourselves in a few months dealing with a leftist government and delusional ideas of a Palestinian state and handing over areas of our homeland like the '92 elections."

Dagan also appealed to the heads of the right-wing parties in the previous election campaign, asking them to unite. "The demand to unite is a demand of all those whom the national camp and the land of Israel is important to them. Anyone who prevents unification due to irrelevant considerations will pay a heavy public price."

It should be noted that negotiations for the unification of the right-wing lists took place until the beginning of the Sabbath, and for the time being the negotiations are stuck because of Rabbi Rafi Peretz's proposal to New Right leaders Ayelet Shaked and Naftali Bennett to accept only three seats in the first nine seats of the united list.

The New Right is opposed to the proposal due to recent polls showing that they would win about 8-9 seats, while Jewish Home and National Union would win only four.

Shaked said that the disagreements between the parties are not insurmountable and called on United Right leaders Rabbi Peretz and Bezalel Smotrich to make every effort to unite the Religious Zionist parties and the secular ideological right-wing parties.

"I think that is the call of the hour and that if we're stubborn about demands that aren't compatible with reality, we will all lose. The right-wing camp will lose. Time is running out. We have to make a decision on Sunday. I hope that we'll succeed," she said.