Ayelet Shaked with Bezalel Smotrich
Ayelet Shaked with Bezalel Smotrich REUTERS

United Right leaders have until Sunday to make a decision on a compromise proposal for forming a broad right-wing alliance, New Right chairwoman Ayelet Shaked said Friday afternoon, warning that time “is running out” for rightist union.

In a Facebook post Friday afternoon, Shaked wrote that talks with United Right officials were continuing, despite the apparent deadlock between the two sides regarding the allocation of spaces on the unified Knesset list.

“Until now we’ve been dealing with efforts to unite the right-wing bloc and run together, as one force. The truth is I’m already hoarse from talking so much, and am waiting for Shabbat to begin.”

The former Justice Minister said the two sides had thus far failed to reach an agreement, but the differences between the two sides were not insurmountable.

“There are still gaps and differences of opinion, but they aren’t big. I expect my friends, Jewish Home chief Rabbi Rafi Peretz and National Union chief Bezalel Smotrich to make every effort, as I did over the past month, to bring all of Religious Zionism in all its forms and the secular ideological right together.”

“This is the call of the hour, I believe – but if we refuse to back down from our demands which don’t fit the reality, we’ll all lose. The right-wing camp will lose.”

“Time is running out, we need to make a decision on Sunday. I hope that we’ll succeed.”

On Thursday, Shaked backed down from her prior demand that the New Right and United Right split the places on a joint Knesset list 50-50, with the United Right taking an extra seat should the list win an odd number of seats.

"Unity on the Right is the order of the day; the public won't forgive those who won't allow it. We understand that, we compromised on the demand for equal division of seats on the list ('the zipper method')," Shaked said Thursday.

"The ball is now in the hands of the United Right. I call on them to accept the proposal and come together as soon as possible," she added.

Dropping the demand for a 50-50 split of seats, Shaked offered to accept just four of the top 10 spots on the joint Knesset list – a move which angered New Right activists, who noted that their party is currently polling far ahead of the United Right.

But as of Friday afternoon, with less than one week to go before the cutoff date for registering Knesset slates next Thursday, Peretz has refused to accept the compromise proposal, insisting that the United Right take two-thirds of the slots on the joint Knesset list.

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