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The suspect in the murder of two Israeli criminals in Mexico City on Thursday admitted to the murders but didn't reveal that there was a second person involved in the shooting. Footage of the incident from security cameras revealed that another assassin was involved, who has not yet been apprehended by the police.

Two Israeli criminals who have been identified as Alon Azulay and Ben Sotchi were shot to death while eating in a café in a Mexico City shopping center. Following the murders, a female was arrested by security guards, who originally told the police that she murdered the Israelis due to "betrayal and desire," i.e. that she was romantically involved with one of the men and he betrayed her.

However, the police were skeptical of her story and she later admitted to the police that she was paid 5,000 pesos (about NIS 1,000) for the murders. Mexican media outlets published footage of the incident from the café's security cameras, which showed the second assassin - a male - hiding his gun in a napkin prior to shooting the two men.

One of the Israelis died immediately and the other one succumbed to his wounds after he was transported to a hospital.

Prior to the shooting, two men distracted the security guards, which reinforced the police's belief that the murders were committed on the orders of a criminal organization, according to a report on Ynet on Friday. The two men opened fire outside the café and forced a policeman to lie on the ground. One of the men grabbed the policeman's gun, fired in the air, and then joined the other man who had meanwhile entered a car.

According to the Mexican authorities, the aim of the operation was to distract the security guards from witnessing the murder of the two criminals - which took place minutes later.