Jewish family (illustration)
Jewish family (illustration)Noam Moskowitz/Flash 90

A survey conducted by the Geocartography Institute this week for the Noam party presents unequivocal results regarding the preference of Israelis for the continuation of their families and the future of their children.

According to the survey, 70% of the respondents said they wanted their children to establish a traditional family comprised of a mother and a father. In addition, 85% of the respondents said it was important for them that their children marry a Jewish spouse.

Respondents to the survey were asked which of the following types of families they prefer that their children establish. 69.4% of the respondents said they want their children to establish a "traditional" family, i.e., a couple comprised of a man and woman. 1.2% of the respondents said that they would like their children to establish a same-sex couple family, while 0.8% said they want their children to establish a single-parent family.

Respondents were also asked how important it was for them to have their children marry a Jewish spouse. Of those respondents, 54.8% answered that this was very important to them,10.0% said it was important, 19.8% said it was quite important, and 13.4% said it was not important to them whether their children would marry a Jewish spouse.

According to Geocartography, the survey was conducted among 509 men and women, Internet surfers aged 18 and over, who represent a representative national sample of the population in Jewish communities in Israel. They also noted that the survey was conducted during the fourth week of July 2019, and the maximum statistical error range under this sample is 4.3% + for the representative survey at a statistical significance level of 95%.

The Noam party, which commissioned the poll, said the results prove that Israel is "normal," as they termed it.

"The poll proves what doesn't actually require proof - the Jewish people are normal. The fact that 99% of the Jewish people have no aspiration for their child to be part of a single-sex family and a very large majority opposes it, shows how distorted the image portrayed in the media. Also, the legitimacy that is being given today to assimilate or encourage fictitious conversions disappears when you see that about 85% of Israelis want their children to marry a Jew."