Arab lynching scene
Arab lynching sceneFlash 90

The Arabs involved in an attempted lynching of a group of children on a hike near the town of Migdalim in Samaria a year and a half ago paid thousands of shekels in monetary compensation to the victims.

The compensation was paid by five terrorists who were convicted of an attack resulting in injury, assault under aggravated circumstances, complicity to assault and throwing objects at a person or property. The rioters were sentenced to prison sentences ranging from six months to a year and two months, suspended prison sentences and payment of compensation to a number of children who were injured in the attack.

The lynching took place about a year and a half ago when a group of 22 children and two adults went on a bar mitzvah trip near Migdalim. When they were near the village of Kafr Qusra, dozens of Palestinian Arabs began throwing stones at them and yelling "slaughter the Jews." The adults brought the children inside a cave to protect them. One of the adults remained with the children in the cave while the others stood outside the cave to guard the children from the Arab mob.

The rioters arrived near the cave and began to hurl stones in it, ignoring the adults' cries that children were in the cave. They entered the cave, grabbed the Jewish adult's gun and threw rocks and stones at the children, hitting them with clubs and spraying pepper gas into the cave. They also used the gun to threaten the children, while robbing them of their knapsacks.

Attorney Chaim Bleicher of the Honenu organization said that "this is a serious incident that ended in a miracle with no serious bodily injuries, when many rioters took part in an attempt to harm the lives of the children, with the exception of a few Arabs who helped prevent injuries. There is no doubt that there is a need for a harsh and deterrent conviction against the perpetrators."

"Unfortunately, the arrests were carried out only at a later stage, which led to difficulties in evidence and to plea bargains. Nevertheless, we acted in order for the sentences to include prison and actual monetary compensation for the victims. We believe that there is a great achievement in the fact that the rioters paid even a small amount for their criminal actions, and the outgoing message is that even in mob incidents, the rioters will begin to be punished and will have to pay from their pockets to the victims," ​​Bleicher concluded.

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