ShakedArutz Sheva

Former Justice Minister and New Right Party Chairwoman Ayelet Shaked today issued a statement outside her Tel Aviv home, referring to the stalled negotiations over a union on the Right.

"Unity on the Right is the order of the day; the public won't forgive those who won't allow it. We understand that, we compromised on the demand for equal division of seats on the list ('the zipper method')," Shaked declared at the outset.

"The ball is now in the hands of the United Right. I call on them to accept the proposal and come together as soon as possible," she added.

"It's urgent because I intend, if this union is possible, to continue carrying out additional unions of all the right-wing parties and to establish a kind of right-wing bloc - a large Republican party - with a wide range of views to the right of the Likud."

In response to a question about a possible union with the Otzma Yehudit Party, Shaked said, "I see Otzma as part of the great union and also the Zehut Party. My goal is to establish a large bloc of the entire ideological Right."

Regarding the Left, Shaked answered, "As I said, I don't intervene in how the Left divides up its votes; the connections on the Left are their business only, they'll do what they think is right for them. Our goal on the Right is for no vote to be lost and to succeed in forming a government with at least 61 seats."

שקד: אחדות צו השעה, ויתרנו על הריצ'רץ'