The new billboards
The new billboardsHillel Meir

The Middle East Forum’s (MEF) Israel Victory Project has launched a dramatic billboard campaign.

The goal is to raise the issue of achieving victory, and to pressure Israel’s security establishment – former and current military, intelligence, and law enforcement officers – to end its policy of appeasement.

Each billboard carries the slogan: “Enough being scared. Demand victory for Israel.”

Days after the visit by to Iran by leaders of Hamas’s military wing, and in the run-up to more funds being transferred by Qatar to Hamas in Gaza - the billboards depict Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh standing on the beach in a bathing suit, with suitcases of cash behind him, thanking Israel for its weak stand against Hamas in Gaza. They are displayed at major intersections in Tel Aviv, including across from the Defense Ministry.

The billboards mark the beginning of a wider campaign to take place over the next two months that includes commissioned research, polls, events and rallies, raising awareness of the need for Israel to achieve victory in order for there to be an end to the conflict.

The Israel Victory Project, founded in 2017, includes both caucuses in the Knesset, Israel’s parliament, and in the US Congress.

Daniel Pipes, MEF president and the originator of the Israel Victory concept, explains: “Victory means imposing one’s will on the enemy; history teaches that conflicts end when one side gives up. The Palestinian-Israeli conflict will end only when Palestinians realize they cannot achieve their goal of eliminating the Jewish state of Israel.”

Gregg Roman, the Forum’s director who is overseeing the campaign, adds: “Israel has forgotten how to win since Oslo. In return for handing out bags of cash to jihadis, Israeli children must run to bomb shelters. Our campaign speaks to the Israeli public that is fed up with ‘conflict management’ and ‘mowing the lawn.’”
Billboard featuring Ismail Haniyeh thanking Israel for weakness
Billboard featuring Ismail Haniyeh thanking Israel for weaknessHillel Meir