Travel insurance protects you from all the difficult things that can happen to you while traveling, be it losing a suitcase, canceling an airline ticket or even a medical transport back to Israel.

Insurance is one of those things you never need until you absolutely need it!

So, let's start from what basic travel insurance covers:

  • Medical coverage
  • Search and rescue
  • Third party coverage

All policies include these components, but some can be cancelled, so the way to save money is to understand what you really need and what you don't. Now let's dig a little deeper into each component.

Medical insurance: This component is going to cover all the medical bills you may incur, from seeing a doctor and buying medicines, through evacuation by helicopter and hospitalization and even medical transport back to Israel ...

No one wants to think about illnesses or accidents that can happen while traveling, but your entire life can change in the blink of an eye. This is the type of component you really want to have. Over the years, I've come across dozens of travelers who needed medical assistance. Those who were covered with travel insurance breathed a sigh pf relief, while those who weren’t are still paying the medical bills!

Still with me? Great. Let's talk about the next two insurance components, which you can cancel and save money on:

The Search and rescue component: It can happen as a result of a natural disaster or any other reason that worries Mom who thinks that her Boaz is lost - the insurance company's Rescue unit will locate you and send a team to get you. If your trip is anything beyond shopping and museums, you should also have this component.

The last component is third party insurance, in case of damage caused to someone else's body or property. Make no mistake – this does not cover car accidents. If the coverage excludes driving in a motor vehicle, what does this actually cover? Bicycle accident, a suitcase that slipped and broke a window or damages to a hotel. Some insurance companies also cover ski accidents. This component does not cost money in every company. If it does and you do not need it, you can cancel it and pay less.

What about all the other insurance expansions, such as baggage insurance, mobile phones, extreme sports, canceling / shortening a trip? Go to the website Shukabit and you will get all the tips the insurance companies will never tell you. You can also compare the different components in different companies, prices and exceptions to the policies in each insurance company and consult an expert from the Shukbit website on what expansions you should purchase.

The article is courtesy of travel insurance experts from Shukabit, which represents thousands of customers in travel insurance, each customer receives the WhatsApp of the agent and can consult with him at any time and for any question.