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Following New Right chairman Naftali Bennett's interview on Thursday with Channel 12 News, in which he refused to commit himself to recommending Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu for prime minister in the next government, was subject to a storm of criticism on social media, according to a Srugim report on Friday.

When asked at the interview who he would recommend for prime minister after the upcoming elections, Bennett replied: "I will recommend a right-wing candidate with the greatest chances of forming a government, and there will be no third elections. Many people can be prime minister. There are five to six people in politics who can do it. The State of Israel existed before Netanyahu, and it will continue to exist after him."

Sports and Culture Minister Miri Regev (Likud) responded to Bennett on Twitter, saying: "Naftali Bennett: if this hasn't been clear to you until now, write it down. There is no right-wing candidate for prime minister except for Netanyahu. Therefore you won't be able to recommend any other candidate for prime minister except for Netanyahu. If you're prepared to recommend Gantz or Lapid for prime minister, say this clearly and don't try to trick anyone."

The New Right responded to Regev by saying, "Miri, we'll reassure you of three names we won't recommend: [Blue and White leader Yair] Lapid, [Blue and White leader Benny] Gantz, and Miri Regev - because you aren't right-wing."

The New Right's response is interesting in light of the fact that Regev, a long-time staunch rightist and Likud supporter and an outspoken proponent of right-wing Zionist values has been called "the closest thing Israel has to Sarah Palin."

The New Right added that "Netanyahu is a possibility. But there are right-wing candidates from the Likud who may have higher chances. We will not allow another round of elections."

Yair Netanyahu, son of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, then joined the fray by tweeting, "Other candidates in the Likud? Who are you as part of a different party to decide who stands at the head of Likud? Unlike you, the Likud is a democratic party and already elected its chairman! You're insolent! At this moment, you admitted that you're planning a coup."

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