Israeli artillery preparing to strike back into southern Lebanon
Israeli artillery preparing to strike back into southern Lebanon Flash 90

Yaniv Kubovich, Haaretz's military correspondent, on Wednesday said the Israeli home front will soon see an operation "like it's never seen before."

In a Haaretz article earlier on Wednesday, Kubovich explained that the Israeli government plans to reinforce twenty national infrastructure sites, to protect them against Hezbollah's missiles. He added that according to the IDF, if these sites were hit, life in Israel would not return to normal for a long time.

Speaking to 103 FM Radio, Kubovich said: "This issue has come up in the past, including in the State Comptroller's report, and the project includes twenty sites, mostly gas and electricity, which will be reinforced against attacks by Hezbollah."

"There's no reinforcement against a missile attack.... Israel, according to some reports, is trying to prevent Hezbollah from achieving precise missiles. If Hezbollah reaches the stage where it has precise missiles, it will be able to take a missile and fire it straight at a target.

"Hezbollah is not Hamas. Hezbollah can choose a specific apartment and crush it."

Kubovich also warned that "In the next war, which will be in the north, according to all intelligence estimates, the Israeli home front will be very involved in the fighting and the injuries, at a level it hasn't seen since the War of Independence. They really compare it to the War of Independence. Every system, every source, says we're going to a battle that the home front has never seen before."

"I still think it's worth being in Israel and not in Lebanon during the next war.

"But it's important to understand that the preparedness for the next war isn't just lacking when it comes to reinforcement. Magen David Adom (MDA) has been telling the Prime Minister, Defense Minister, and other bodies for several years that they won't have enough staff to help all the injured, they won't have enough ambulances to reach every area where people are injured."

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