Portuguese Foreign Minister Augusto Santos Silva
Portuguese Foreign Minister Augusto Santos Silva Reuters

Portugal's Foreign Minister Augusto Santos SIlva said his country has temporarily suspended granting visas to Iranians due to "security reasons."

On Tuesday, Santos Silva informed a parliament committee of his decision, but did not elaborate on his reasoning, promising to provide details to committee members in private.

According to 660 News, the halt is due to work on improving security at Portugal's Tehran consular building. The site added that the Foreign Ministry had released a statement clarifying that the decision had not been influenced by security conditions in Iran or political considerations.

According to Observador, news agency Lusa quoted Santos Silva as saying that "Portugal doesn't take lightly who it lets into the country."

The decision has "Nothing to do with the quality of Portugal's bilateral relations with Iran," Lusa added. "It was a temporary suspension and we hope to resume very shortly."