Jeremy Corbyn
Jeremy Corbyn Reuters

The chairman of the UK’s Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, has called an emergency meeting of his shadow cabinet, amid an ongoing crisis over anti-Semitism within the party.

According to a report by The Jewish Chronicle, Corbyn has scheduled the meeting for this coming Monday, as public criticism over the party’s handling of anti-Semitism among Labour members grows.

The meeting Monday marks the first time Corbyn has agreed to hold a meeting with senior party members aimed at confronting the problem of anti-Semitism within the party.

Corbyn has faced pressure not only from outside of the party, but also from within Labour’s own ranks, to take action against anti-Jewish members.

“We have got racists in the party,” said Parliamentary Labour Party chairman John Cryer said, “and they are not being dealt with.”

The decision to hold the meeting came after the BBC aired an expose on anti-Semitism in the Labour party which alleged that Corbyn had routinely blocked internal party probes into anti-Semitic incidents or claims against party members.

While Corbyn rejected the documentary, saying it had “many, many inaccuracies,” a number of Labour MPs felt compelled to confront questions raised by the documentary.

"I don't want to just blame Corbyn - I want to blame all of the leadership team,” one MP told The Jewish Chronicle on condition of anonymity. “They are a shambles taking us from one crisis to the next.”

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