Mount Hermon seen from Mount Bental on Golan Heights
Mount Hermon seen from Mount Bental on Golan Heights Reuters

I24 News has identified the Iranian Revolutionary Guards engineer commanding Hezbollah’s precision missile project in Lebanon as Majed Naveed.

Naveed is in charge of three Beirut sites and two others in southern Lebanon and the Beka'a Valley where engineers are working to convert Hezbollah surface-to-surface missiles into precision-guided missiles, i24NEWS revealed today.

According to the report, the IRGC Air Force engineer is also in frequent contact with a Yemen counterpart. Yemen has become a proving ground for Hezbollah and Iranian missiles fired by Huthi rebels at Saudi Arabia.

Israel estimates that Iran-backed Hezbollah possesses some 100,000 to 150,000 rockets, and has acknowledged carrying out hundreds of airstrikes targeting weapons stores and convoys destined for the Lebanese terror group in Syria, where it fights alongside Israel's arch-foe and Shiite powerhouse Iran in support of the Damascus regime.