The first discussion of its kind
The first discussion of its kindspokesperson

Transportation Minister Bezalel Smotrich held a discussion on road safety in Judea and Samaria Monday.

The meeting was attended by professionals from the Ministry of Transportation, the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Public Security, the Defense Minister's Advisor for Judea and Samaria, the ATN Commander, as well as other representatives of the police, Netivei Israel, the Israel National Road Safety Authority and a delegation from Shomrei Haderech.

Over the course of the discussion, the necessary amendments were made to the orders of the General in order to increase deterrence against criminal drivers, transfer responsibility for interurban roads to the traffic wing and provide an answer to improvement of infrastructures in the short and medium term.

After the discussion on all the gaps and problems stemming from the risk factors, Minister Smotrich concluded: "There are gaps and a correction is needed, inadequate infrastructure that was not treated and not commensurate with the existing volume of passengers, enforcement problems vis-à-vis the Arab population, etc."

Minister Smotrich added: "The disaster of road accidents is a disaster in the entire country. The situation is even worse on the roads of Judea and Samaria. Death on the roads does not distinguish between blood and blood. I intend to take this issue seriously and to make every effort to bring about a drastic reduction in the number of people killed."

"This is the first discussion of its kind. "The number of people killed on the roads of Judea and Samaria is far beyond the situation in small Israel, and this is unacceptable," he said.