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Luxembourg's Prime Minister Xavier Bettel canceled his participation at a farewell dinner from the Israeli Embassy to Brussels and Luxembourg in protest of Rabbi Rafi Peretz's response to a journalist about same-sex attraction (SSA) conversion treatments.

News 12 reported that Betel, who is married to a male, was considered a great friend of Israel and has visited in the past year.

He explained to the outgoing Israeli Ambassador that despite all the appreciation he has for his work and his respect for the Ambassador, he will not be able to participate in the farewell from the Israeli government representative, one of whose senior ministers supports SSA conversions.

The farewell meal was intimate, with Jewish community leaders, Israeli government representatives and honorary consul in Luxembourg. Participants described the event as being pervaded by great embarrassment, while all along at the head of the table stood the empty chair of the Luxembourg Prime Minister, the guest of honor who boycotted the event.

Meanwhile, Education Minister Peretz intends to meet soon with a group of teachers with SSA, and his staff was asked to organize the meeting in coming days to make clear that the Education Minister had no intention of harming feelings.

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