Protesters in Jreusalem
Protesters in JreusalemFlash 90

The father of the late Salomon Tekka, who was shot by a police officer, took part in a demonstration outside the Knesset during a demonstration in which seven participants who clashed with police were arrested.

"The government shattered our hope and we have to watch out for each other. They didn't invite us here today for peace. They're here with pistols and weapons and waiting for our mistake in order to shoot," said Tekka.

"My son's already dead, I don't want another child to die," he added.

Takka's family, who angrily left the Knesset special session on the treatment of Ethiopian immigrants, joined the demonstration against the decision to release the policeman suspected of the shooting that caused the death of their son.

The release was made in light of the Police Investigation Unit recommendation to allow the officer to return to his home after having been in a hotel since the incident occurred two weeks ago.

At the same time, suspicions against the officer remained, and the charge attributed to him is reckless manslaughter.

During his hearing, the officer was protected by no fewer than six policemen, for fear of riots in the courtroom.

A Police Investigation Division representative indicated the investigation had been completed and that the case had been transferred to the State Attorney's Office.

The Division noted that "the interrogators are in continuous contact with the family of the deceased and update them as much as possible during the proceedings. It should be clarified that there is no connection between the continuation of the suspect's restrictive conditions and the decision ultimately made in the case. The case will be examined by the State Attorney's Office and the decision will be accepted and published after examining the legal implications of the findings of the investigation."