Gilo construction project (illustrative)
Gilo construction project (illustrative)Flash 90

The Jerusalem District Planning Committee approved a construction plan for the construction of two 18-story buildings at the entrance to the Gilo neighborhood, which includes 216 housing units, according to an announcement by the Jerusalem municipality.
The construction plan was approved by the Jerusalem municipality a year ago and then transferred to the district committee which approved the two residential towers. In addition to residential units, a commercial center will be built on the ground floor. The commercial center will be built on a large area, half of which will be utilized for an open public space which will include a new city square. A kindergarten will also be built in the area with a courtyard adjacent to the public area.

The project will include 216 housing units, 20% of which will be small apartments up to 80 square meters, in order to provide realistic options for young couples and families to purchase an apartment.

"This is another significant step for the young people of the city," Mayor Moshe Leon said. "We'll continue to increase the housing supply and at the same time, open new infrastructure for young families."

A representative of Gilo residents said, "We thank the mayor, Mr. Moshe Leon, for responding to our request, making it possible to expand the public space next to the project for kindergartens and adjacent courtyards. We believe that this move will benefit the residents of the neighborhood both in the present and future. "