Mark family says Kaddish at the site of the attack
Mark family says Kaddish at the site of the attackCredit: Eliran Aharon

MK Keti Shitrit (Likud) appealed to Interior Minister Aryeh Deri on Wednesday to approve the residency of A., a Palestinian who saved the life of the Mark family following the terrorist attack at which the father of the family, Rabbi Michi Mark, was murdered.

In a letter to Deri, Shitrit wrote, "Three years ago, criminal terrorists committed a murderous attack on the Mark family while they were driving on the road. The father was murdered and his wife and children were wounded. A few minutes later, A., an Arab resident of the area encountered the car and together with his wife, rescued the wounded passengers although the terrorist cell was still nearby. A. provided assistance to the family and treated them until the arrival of security forces."

"After it was discovered that A. had helped Jews, he was fired from his job and following threats to his life, he fled with his family from his home. A. has a residence permit but does not have a work permit and he and his family have suffered from hunger for three years."

Shitrit requested that Deri allow A. and his family permanent residence status. "A. saved the life of the Mark family but his life and the life of his family were completely destroyed. We must immediately accept A. and his family as residents of Israel and show our gratitude for what they did. We must not turn our backs on those who help us in times of trouble."