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Israeli police car (archive)Police Spokesperson

Three employees of a children’s daycare center in the Gush Etzion region south of Jerusalem were arrested recently following a dispute with other staff members, the Gush Etzion Regional Council reported Sunday.

Police had earlier revealed that three employees of a daycare center in Tekoa had been arrested on suspicion of abusing young children.

But following an internal investigation, local officials said in a statement Sunday afternoon that the arrests were the result of a dispute between two groups of employees, leading eventually to one side calling the police and filing an apparently false complaint.

Local authorities hinted that the rival group of daycare employees had filed a false complaint alleging child abuse in order to harm the three arrested staff members.

“After investigating the incident in regard to the management of the Tekoa day care center, we can clarify that we are talking about two groups of aides (sayatot) who last week got into an argument between themselves. As a result one of the aides threatened to call the police, and ended up doing so,” the Gush Etzion Regional Council said.

“We were informed that a thorough investigation is taking place NOT involving a case of child abuse, but rather these rumors are the result of the exploitation of the public atmosphere in Israel following other publicized incidents at day care centers,” the Council continued, referring to the recent arrest of 25-year-old Carmel Mauda, owner and operator of the ‘Baby Love’ daycare center in Rosh Haayin who was arrested recently for allegedly abusing 11 infants and toddlers placed in her care.

“We trust that the Israeli police will carry out its investigative responsibilities faithfully so that the truth will come to light. The management of the day care has suspended the aides until the end of the investigation and we will continue to provide updates on the situation.”

The three arrested daycare employees are expected to be brought before the Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court Monday for a hearing on their detention.