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The Municipality of Afula decided Sunday to allow non-residents of the city entry to the municipal park, at the request of the Nazareth District Court.

The court held a hearing on the petition of the extreme left-wing organization Adalah, and the judge ruled that closing a public area and collecting payment at the entrance is illegal.

Since the beginning of June, the municipality of Afula has prevented non-residents of the city from entering the municipal park, and Adalah contends that this is intended to prevent Arabs from surrounding villages from entering the park.

Last week, Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit referred to the issue, saying that the park should also be open to non-residents.

"A decision on entry and stay in urban parks - which constitute a common public space - cannot be based on considerations of race, religion, nationality, country of origin, sex, sexual orientation or any other inherent characteristic, and a decision apparently made on the basis of one of the aforesaid considerations is a wrong decision that should be canceled," the attorney general said.