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Public Security and Strategic Affairs Minister Gilad Erdan will present a report at the cabinet meeting with the heads of the Ministry of Strategic Affairs on incitement in the Palestinian Authority and on its growing relations with BDS organizations.

"I think the main innovation that can be seen in the last six months is the tightening of the connection between the Palestinian Authority and the idea of ​​BDS, an idea of ​​a boycott of the State of Israel," Erdan said.

"Anyone who thinks that there is a partner on the Palestinian side, I think that the report we will present today states unequivocally that Abu Mazen and senior PA officials are all directed in one clear direction: delegitimization of the State of Israel as a Jewish state and its existence as a Jewish state.

The minister stated that there are steps that should be taken as a result of the data presented in the report: "This should be expressed later in our political activity. We are also working constantly to reduce the funding sources of the boycott organizations."

Erdan said that although BDS organizations have not been successful, they stilll constitute a long-term threat, "We are succeeding in defeating the boycott organizations time after time. This does not mean that the challenge of delegitimizing the State of Israel is not a significant medium- and long-term challenge, because when there is a campaign of incitement and incitement and lies on the part of the Palestinian Authority, The younger generation in Western countries around the world and create may great difficulties for us in the future, both political and economic."

When asked by Arutz Sheva about the Trump Administration's attempt to reach a political settlement with the Palestinian Authority in light of the report published by his office, Erdan said: "We welcome any attempt to advance a political process in the Middle East, but we can not be naïve when Abu Mazen and his entire leadership are intent on delegitimizing the State of Israel."

Minister Erdan evaded the question of whether he relinquished the role of ambassador to the United Nations, and responded "when I have something to inform you on this matter, I will be happy to inform you."

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