During one of the recent election rallies, a Jewish activist approached US presidential candidate Joe Biden and said: "I'm an American jew, who is very concerned about what Netanyahu's government is doing to Palestinians currently".

Biden answered briefly: "There's no answer but a two state solution".

The young man continued and asked: "I am wondering if you think that the occupation is a human rights crisis, and if you'll pressure Israel when you're president"

"The answer is I think the settlements are unnecessary", Biden answered, "The only answer is two state solution, number one. Number two: the Palestinians have to step up to stop the hate. So, it's a two way street".

Asked by the young man whether he believes "the occupation is a human rights crisis", Biden answered: "I think occupation is a real problem, a significant problem".

"And will you pressure Israel to end the occupation as president?" the young man asked. "You know I have", Biden answered.