David Friedman receives 'Trump Heights' Tanya
David Friedman receives 'Trump Heights' TanyaPR

David Friedman, the Ambassador of the United States to Israel, received a special gift on Thursday, during a meeting at the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s resting place in Queens.

Students who arranged for the printing of a Tanya in Israel’s newly inaugurated town of Trump Heights in the Golan, presented the Ambassador with a copy of the Tanya which was printed there recently.

The special leather-bound edition is embossed with a background resembling the Western Wall, and is engraved in gold letters with the Ambassador’s full Hebrew name, Dovid Melech Hakohen Friedman.

David Friedman receives 'Trump Heights' Tanya
David Friedman receives 'Trump Heights' TanyaPR

The meeting with the ambassador was arranged by Rabbi Zalman Wolowik, Director of Chabad of the Five Towns and a close friend of the Ambassador.

Rabbi Wolowik presented the Ambassador with the Tanya, and said, “Chabad doesn’t waste any time,” noting that a week after Ramat Trump was announced, the students of the Tzfat Yeshiva had arranged for the printing to take place.

The Ambassador viewed photos of the printing, and Rabbi Wolowik then learned the first page of the Tanya with the Ambassador.

In 1978 the Lubavitcher Rebbe initiated a campaign to print the Tanya – the seminal work of Chabad Philosophy – in every corner of the globe. The Lubavitcher Rebbe explained that the printing of Tanya in a place has a tremendous impact on that place, bringing increased spiritual awareness to the people living there.

Since the 1970s, Chabad shluchim and individuals have taken up the Rebbe’s call, and Tanyas have been printed in thousands of locations, some as remote as Trinidad and recently even in the Arab state of Qatar.

Tanya given to Ambassador Friedman
Tanya given to Ambassador FriedmanPR