Scene of the accident
Scene of the accident Israel Police

The father of the family involved in a deadly accident on Highway 7 on Thursday, in which a mother and her two-month-old son were killed, is a 35-year-old IDF officer with the rank of major in the air force.

Channel 2 News reported that the police confiscated the truck driver's cell phone to investigate the possibility that he was using it while driving. A blood sample was also taken to check whether he was driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

The details of the investigation revealed that the father of the family had stopped at the side of the road in a very safe manner. A truck, which was forbidden to enter the lane, hit the car, dragging it dozens of meters and causing the death of the mother and two-month-old son.

"When we arrived at the scene the sight was horrific," said MDA paramedic Asher Arviv. "The private car was smashed and after we worked with the firefighters to evacuate the vehicle, we began administering medical aid to the three victims, all of whom were from the private vehicle."

"One of the passengers, a woman of about forty, had no signs of life and we were forced to declare her death at the scene.

"A man of about forty suffered head injuries, and we transferred him via ambulance to Kaplan Hospital in serious condition, as we continued to administer life-saving aid."

אישה נהרגה בתאונה בכביש 7