Hamas ceremony, Gaza
Hamas ceremony, Gaza Flash 90

Hamas, the terror group which rules Gaza, threatened Israel after one of its members was shot and killed by IDF soldiers firing on a group of Gazan men approaching the border fence.

Mahmoud al-Adham, 28, a member of the Hamas “security forces,” died of his injuries on Thursday after being shot in northern Gaza.

Hamas in a statement threatened to respond, Ynet reported, saying: “We will not allow this shooting to go without a response, and Israel will pay for its actions.”

“Israel intentionally fired at one of our members while he was carrying out his duties. We are carrying out an investigation into this crime,” Hamas also said.

The Israeli military confirmed to Haaretz that its soldiers fired on armed Gazans who were at the border in order to drive them away. It said it was not aware of hitting or killing anyone. Gaza’s Health Ministry confirmed the death.

The border incident comes during a time of relative calm on the border, following a couple weeks in which over 100 fires were sparked by incendiary balloons launched by protesters from Gaza into Israel.