Shaked Flash 90

As contacts for political unions and alliances on the right continue, a poll released Thursday morning by Walla reveals that former Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked is considered the leading candidate to head the right-wing bloc.

According to the poll, 31% of the general public believes that Shaked should lead the united party, and only 7% think that the Head of the Jewish Home, Rafi Peretz, should stand at the head. New Right Chair Naftali Bennett gets more support with 16%, and the Chairman of the National Union, Bezalel Smotrich, wins 6%. 25% of the respondents replied "none of them."

Support for Shaked is even more prevalent among those who define themselves as right-wing supporters, where she leads safely with 36%, compared with 21% for Bennett, 6% for Peretz, and 7% for Smotrich.

According to the poll, if the elections were held today, Likud and Blue and White would lead equally with 30 seats each, followed by the Joint List (11), Yisrael Beytenu (9), United Torah Judaism (8), Shas (7), Labor (6), United Right, New Right and Meretz - (5), and Ehud Barak’s Democratic Israel, which closes the list with only 4 Knesset seats.

A right-wing/haredi bloc without Liberman stands at only 55 Knesset seats according to the poll, leaving Liberman's Yisrael Beytenu party a kingmaker.