A Muslim man recently stepped in to save the Beach Bakery & Grand Cafe in Westhampton Beach, the only kosher eatery on Long Island’s East End.

When the bakery went up for sale a few months ago, some customers worried the establishment would shut down, reported PIX11.

“It’s the only kosher establishment within a 75-mile radius,” noted Rabbi Marc Schneier, the rabbi of the Hampton Synagogue.

Then Rashid Sulheri, the new owner of the kosher establishment, stepped in and bought the bakery.

Some customers were worried, but then they got to know him and learned that he would keep the café and bakery kosher.

“They absolutely love it. I’ve never been welcomed at any business like I have here,” Sulheri told PIX11.

Since taking over, revenue has gone up 30 percent. The new owner has also brought in new customers. Aside from the kosher certification, the owner has also added Halal products to attract devout Muslims to the café.

“It is so awesome that this man is making a bridge between Muslim and Jewish community so everyone has their kosher and halal in the same place,” Muhammad Ullah told PIX11. “It’s all about the food.”