Bennett Flash 90

New Right Chairman Naftali Bennett on Wednesday evening addressed the efforts to unify the right-wing parties and promised that there would be a technical bloc, a temporary alliance aimed at allowing multiple parties to win Knesset seats in the elections, ahead of the elections to the 22nd Knesset.

"There are two possible options for alliances - with Zehut or the Hardal party [Peretz and Smotrich]. There are advantages here and there, we'll see and decide," Bennett said in a conversation with Facebook users.

He added, "I am completely divided with Zehut over the issue of a professional army - it would be a disaster in Israel, but that does not prevent the possibility of allying with [Zehut]. In any case it would be a technical bloc."

Bennett said the issue of receiving a certain position was less important to him for this election. "I put the ego aside and do not demand a certain place. We will have to unite and in a few days we will start sitting with the various parties. We will not give up on a technical bloc.”

He was asked whether he would recommend Netanyahu to the premiership and replied, "What I want is a right-wing government, but a normal and reasonable right wing that will deal with governance and with Gaza."